About Siobhan

Hello there! I’m Siobhan, and I am so happy you’re here! I am Virginia-born and Irish-raised. For those of you who are not Irish, my name is pronounced ‘Shevonne’, the ‘BH’ makes a ‘V’. Got it? Great! That’s your Irish lesson for the day :-)

Most days, you can find me jogging along the roads of the beautiful Curragh of Kildare in Ireland, if I’m not doing that I am on my laptop working on my latest blog, keeping in touch with my family, friends and clients or reading some kind of fantasy-themed book. Whatever I’m doing, you can bet that I’ll have my favorite tea mug attached to me pretty much at all times!

For years I struggled with with low confidence, low self esteem, body issues and I hid behind a persona that was so far from who I really was that I lost myself completely. I stayed like this for 9 years until one day, while suffering from a lot of depression and anxiety, I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment where I learned how to change how I thought, the way I felt about myself and the way I lived my life. And I’ve become a gazillion times happier! So, I carted myself from Virginia back to Ireland to find myself again and to share what I’ve learned through blogging, life coaching, writing and confidence coaching.

Siobhan Murphy About Me

My story is not the happiest in parts, and is filled with brokenness, financial crisis, toxic friendships and relationships, anxiety, depression and even an abusive relationship. But, I’m so very thankful that I found the strength to turn all of that around and that I’ve been given the opportunity to help others in similar situations! So, please get comfortable, I am so happy you are here and that I can call you a friend! So grab your tea, or coffee or, heck, even a cocktail because there is a lot of inspiration and encouragement for you to explore here in my blog posts and my coaching programs. You are amazing and it is my hope that I will help fuel you with the confidence, courage to live your own wonderful life to the fullest!

Personal Bio

Siobhan is a certified Life Coach in the personal development space. Committed to inspiring others to live with more confidence, more-self love and more happiness, her mission is to inspire others to live a life doing things that inspire them. Siobhan is particularly passionate about inspiring strength and bringing hope to others who struggle with low self-esteem after toxic relationships, negative body image and those who just feel lost in life.

Siobhan helps inspire people to conquer life with self-assurance and confidence through her blog, coaching programs, and personal storytelling. Siobhan is also working towards becoming a personal fitness trainer.

In her down time, Siobhan loves running, training in the gym, reading her favorite books, hanging out with her ball python, Rumba, and anything to do with dragons and unicorns! Oh, and she is an avid tea-drinker!